captian falcon

hold B-falcon bunch-faster

side B-raptor boost

up B-falcon dive

down B-falcon kick-can do it side ways in the air

taunt-your so weak!!

brawl attack-blue falcon-comes out to do a falcon punch


hold B-charging up fire ball

side B-cape-bigger

up B-power jump

down B-fire tornado

tanut-so long fatta loser!!!!

brawl attack-throws a fire ball bigger than the stage


hold B-charging up green electric ball

side B-green missile

up B-relaeses ghosts

down B-rolter guster 3000

taunt-mmmmmaaaaaarrrrrrriiiiiiiioooooo ah ha ha hi hu!!!!!!!

brawl attack -makes lightning all over the stage


hold B-fire arrows

side B-ice arrow

up B-tornado jump

down B-iron boots

taunt-back flip then pulls out sword

brawl attack-shoots 700 arrows in the air the send character to the air


hold B-fire breath

side B-fly body slam

up B-whirling fortress-straight up

down B-browser bomb

taunt-ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!

brawl attack-giga browser-shoots out fire balls


hold B-giant punch

side B-throws barrels

up B-two back flips then spinning kong

down B-hand slam-faster

taunt-points and punches

brawl attack-calls monkey friend to cover the stage and do the konga beat


hold B-blaster-faster

side B-falco twister

up B-fire falco-blue

down B-reflector-both ways

taunt-bring it !!!!!!!!!

brawl attack-battle ship


hold B -blaster -faster

side B-fox illusion

up B-neon fox

down B-reflector-neutron

taunt-is that all you got!!!!

brawl attack-land master-fly-like a jet


hold B-eruption-bigger

side B-fire slash

up B-throws sword and do 8 back flips

down B-fire counter

taunt-puts sword to the ground and do two back flips

brawl attack-super fire slash


hold B-inhale-can do side b move

side B-super hammer

up B-final cutter

down B-stone-faster

taunt-hhhhiiiiiii!!!!!!! and does a front flip 

brawl attack-ninja kirby


hold B-pk freeze-faster

side B-pk fire-bigger

up B-pk thunder-huge

down B-psi magnet-kicks it

taunt-double kicks and punches

brawl attack-pk starstorm-more deadly


hold B-fire sword

side B-super dacing blade-faster

up B-twister slash

down B-high jump then big finish

taunt-japanese words

brawl attack-super critical hit-does slash 8 times

meta knight

hold B-mach tornado

side B-super slash

up B-super shuttle loop-does loop 2 times

down B-cape-telaports-does 50 slashes

taunt-hii  aaaa !!!!!

brawl attack-galaxia slash

mr. game and watch

hold B-chef

side B-machine gun

up B-fire-fly up

down B-plumber

taunt-play the trumpet

brawl attack-dragon


hold B-warlock punch-faster

side B-flame choke

up B-evil dive

down B-ganan blast

taunt-give me the tri-force

brawl attack-ganan wave-blast

diddy kong

hold B-penut popgun

side B-monkey kick

up B-rocketbarrel boost

down B-monkey slam

taunt- uses gun 

brawl attack-rocket barrel barrage-two different guns


hold B-pk flsh

side B-pk fire-red

up B-pk thunder

down B-psi magnet-punches it

taunt- yo-yo

brawl attack-pk starstorm-red-deadly


hold B-throws flower

side B-peach bomber

up B-peach parasol

down B-peach twister

taunt- makes tea

brawl attack-mad peach


hold B-thunder jolt

side B-lightning bullet

up B-quick attack

down B-thunder-bigger

taunt-rolls around

brawl attack-volt tackle-bigger


hold B-bozuca

side B-missiles

up B-cpher

down B-bomb


brawl attack-grenade launcher


hold B-homing attack

side B-spin dash

up B-spring jump

down B-super kick

taunt-your to slow/come on step it up/want to race

brawl attack-super sonic


hold B-blaster-fast

side B-wolf flash-straight

up B-fire wolf

down B-reflector


brawl attack-land master-black


hold B-throws eggs

side B-egg roll

up B-high jump

down B-yoshi bomb


brawl attack-super dragon-twister-super ground pound


hold B-nayru’s love/needle storm

side B-fire tri-force/chain

up B-farore wind/vanish

down B-tranforn-both

taunt-shows tri-force/kicks

brawl attack-gets a sword slash 6times and do light arrow-both


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