new title

the nwe title is super smash bros evolution


brawl shop

the brawl shop is a shop for upgrades for all you characters like critical damage or fast reflexes and other things

secret assist trophies


more items

giant banana

combine brawl attacks

sonic and silvers:super time bomb

some more combine brawl attacks

brawl attack-chaos control kirby style

brawl attack-L/M-type brobot

  brawl attack-L-type brobot the lightning arrows

brawl attack-mario’s fire hammer finale

brawl attack-ultra mega sword slash

brawl attack-chaos control time warp

more combine brawl attacks

mario and link-fire blade

mario and luigi:mario and luigi’s final

sonic and tails:the super sonic missile

sonic and shadow:super chaos control

shadow and mario:flaming chaos control

sonic and luigi:the the thunder missile