Awesome News

We have just sent Nintendo about our game. They will check on it. Possibly approve it. We hope they do.



Mii Stage

You know the Wii Menu? It’s becoming a stage! You can brawl on other channels. Includind Mii Channel where you are in a boxing ring. The audience cheering for you are your custom Miis. For the Photo Channel you battle on a blank screen. Then in the backround you pictures or videos hat you made are there. In the Disc Channel you can go to stages randomly through the first Smash Bros. to Smash Bros. Brawl.


Mecha Suits

Supremenintendo and I are thinking about adding mecha suits as an item. It has a lock-on system. An arm laser like Samus’.( Samus’ gets an upgrade if she gets this.) A jetback, and lastly homing rockets.

Tell us what you think about this.

P.S. I forgot to tell I,Suprememario,am now working here.